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E. Jones

ERIC JONES – Hop historian, internationally syndicated radio host, family man, and award-winning trendsetter Eric Jones hail from Brooklyn, NY. His journey to radio stardom came from humble beginnings but at its core was a love of music. As a teenager, he fell in love with hip as it developed from an art form once considered a fad to the global phenomenon it is today. He enjoyed listening to DJ Marly Marl, Mr. Magic, DJ Red Alert, and Chuck Chillout. He reminisced about the time when hip-hop was innovative and socially conscious. As a young adult, he became an MC and was able to record with the late great Jam Master J of Run DMC and Kool T from the Afros. Eric is driven to keep classic hip-hop and R&B relevant.


His show, The E Jones Show feat. Sharonda Plus DJ Mark, Music Rocka & DJ DASZ, Tonya Wit Da Tea, Dropping Gemz w/Keisha Christian, and Divine are currently syndicated in 100 markets across the US. Eric's authenticity and sense of humor resonate with his audience, who stop by daily to hear his perspective on the day's topic. The topics are relevant and thought-provoking, and the audience is thoroughly engaged.


Eric is a family man who has been married to his wife for over 20 years. He is a proud father to six children and four grandchildren. Fourteen years ago, a health crisis forced him to end his beloved profession as a chef. A hobby that began as an outlet has grown into a second career. This was a way to marry two of his loves – people and music. Eric saw a need in the radio industry for something fresh that catered to a mature audience. He decided to create and cofounded the WREE Radio Network, which offers the diversity sorely lacking in the radio industry. The station promotes feel-good music and pays homage to the musical legends of the past. WREE grew from a small internet radio station to a terrestrial and digit station listened to by millions of listeners worldwide.

SHARONDA REEDS – The First Lady Of The E. Jones Show Sharonda brings what the show needs! Eric's right hand as a co-host Sharonda and erics energy is a perfect 1-2 punch. What started as a test run has now turned into 13 years of magic. Sharonda matches E. Jones's slickness head-on, from creating their lingo to groundbreaking interviews. Sharonda has earned every right to claim the throne as the morning show "Queen" Tune in and enjoy the fun and the crazy conversations between Brother and Sister every morning, 6 am to 10 am, Monday To Friday. 

DJ Music Rocka

DJ Music Rocka – DJ Producer Of the morning show. You never know what he and Eric have planned for the daily music; trust me, it will be classic. From mixtapes to chart-toppers, Music Rocka will supply the heat for the morning show! Catch him every Friday morning at 8 am with the takeover mix. 
DJ Mark.jpg

DJ Mark

DJ Music Rocka

DJ Mark  DJ Mark From Brooklyn, New York 7 am and 830 am Wake up Mix and Traffic Jam Mix  On The E.Jones Show Catch DJ Mark Every Monday to Thursday 7 am & 830 am. And Friday 7 am to 8 am Fleet DJ Takeover mix. 


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